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Deribit Perpetual Trading will increase transparency and enable order transaction speed of a few milliseconds

Eseandre Mordi



John Jansen, an early crypto investor with a background in options trading on the Amsterdam Options Exchange came up with  Deribit. In 2014, after a period trading crypto’s on different trade platforms, he developed a vision of an exchange where it would be possible to trade Futures, Options and other imitation products in a secured, high-quality environment. After two years of intensive development, Deribit surfaced in June of 2016. Now, Deribit is the third crypto futures exchange and the top crypto options exchanges worldwide.

In August at Amsterdam, Deribit, the Bitcoin futures and alternative exchange, introduces the continuing and uninterrupted trading product that keeps monitoring the Bitcoin price, at the same time providing serviceable and affordable BTC-to-USD trading. Deribit has one of the most accelerated and far more recognised opportunities in the market, that is able to handle handfulls of order requests per second with a transaction speed of around only a few milliseconds per order!

The ‘Perpetual’ is a vastly popular product that monitors the Bitcoin price. It allows traders to be in their ranks without exchanging any Bitcoin, low fees are realised and makes it easy for traders to take large positions with only a small amount of capital at hand. It was previously only offered by one other exchange but it is still accountable for between forty and fifty percent of total Bitcoin trading globally. The product – Deribit Perpetual, has launched in Beta a fortnight ago and already the product is the largest of its kind on the exchange while being responsible for a more than 50% volume increase.

Deribit once again is one of the most developed trading grounds in the market, able to handle thousands of order requests per second. Now introducing an alternative product with way faster ways of carrying out a trade, fairer cash conversion methods, and more reliability.

The Deribit Perpetual product is able to give  traders :

Lower Fees: Charging just 0.075% on market orders, paying 0.050% less on orders above the limit.

Reliably fast trading: Running transactions in a few milliseconds

Stable: Making continuous payments to keep the price of the Deribit Perpetual product close to the Bitcoin price

High influence: Traders can take up to 100x leverage

Fair conversion of cash: Ensuring that the closing out of a leveraged trade does not cause more harm or inconvenience than it has to.

If the price moves against a trade that is able to earn very high returns, a position will eventually need to be converted to cash to ensure there is always enough capital remaining in the account to cover any losses. A number of high case incidents have as a result led to large losses for traders. Deribit has designed a fair cash conversion mechanism that continuously tries to restores the position back into the agreement by closing the position in an increase basis. If a position is completely closed out, customers receive any accompanying security that is remaining.

Deribit Perpetual carries out ‘funding payments’ amongst the buyers as well as the sellers of the contract to maintain the price of the Perpetual close by to the Bitcoin price. Instead of making payments of funds once every eight hours that cause bumps in the price around the time of the payment, the Deribit Perpetual makes very little payments on a millisecond basis totally avoiding price fluctuations.

The Deribit Perpetual product was introduced in beta on 14th August. After its official launch on Tuesday the 28th, Perpetuals on other cryptocurrencies like ETH and BCH will follow in a while.

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