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Orvium Blockchain Scientific Publication System, brings Joy to the World of Science

Eseandre Mordi



Orvium is first and one of its kind decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ life cycle and the associated data. Current publication system had several problems such as high publication cost, awkward triple-pay system, opaque peer review process and copyrights issues. Orvium has created a platform through blockchain technology to process, validate and disseminate research data and results.

Blockchain technology is on the road to revolutionize this world and making wonders every day. The World has seen many ventures coming with an idea to use blockchain and cryptocurrency for a better purpose. Industries are widely adopting this technology for ledger and record keeping solutions. From buying cars to homes, everything can be done through blockchain and cryptocurrency. Science has its legacy and behind every technology, there are scientists and developers working on it. Scientific publications and journals go through the same old process of hassles and mere pain. Orvium has presented a unique solution to these scholarly publications by using blockchain technology.

The Orvium Blockchain Technology

Orvium is based on Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts. Blockchain technology is highly transparent and secured, which allows building infrastructures that enable open, trustworthy, decentralized and collaborative environment. Orvium works on four basic technologies including Blockchain and decentralized storage which will provide people a trustworthy, transparent and fully traceable platform for publications. Moreover, cloud computing will allow people to scale and expand their research globally. Finally, big data analysis will enhance peer review accuracy and dissemination of research data.

Who is bringing this good news to the Science world?

Behind every good idea, there is a strong and competitive team working. Orvium was invented by experienced and talented founders; Manuel Martin, Antonio Romero and Roberto Robasco. Orvium founders are experienced and working rigorously to make Orvium a big success. Manuel is the Senior project leader and Blockchain Expert while Antonio is Technology Solution Architect with experience in R&D.

Orvium started to solve problems in scholarly publications and problems associated with research data. Science is human heritage and research activities need to be protected and preserved in their purest state while open access to scientific knowledge needs to be ensured. Efforts were needed to present a transparent and open framework that should eliminate existing access barrier to scientific knowledge and that’s why Orvium came into being.   

How to Invest in and support the Orvium project.

Orvium provides a great opportunity to investors as every investor looks for a solid idea, balanced team and great revenue model. Orvium has got all, it compromises of an experienced and balanced team with a great roadmap to proceed. Orvium’s business model is built on Orvium Token (ORV). The different phases of manuscripts’ and journals’ life cycles will generate exchanges of ORV between institutions, authors, peer reviewers and journal owners. Moreover, it is targeting billion-dollar market. So, it provides ample opportunities for investors to invest in a good cause with some great revenue model.  

One must be aware of startup risks such as weak business model, incompetent team, vague vision and Outlast technology. In spite of the fact that the ascent in a venture is huge, there is some hazard that the exceedingly unstable nature of the blockchain business is resulting in a bubble. To be sure, a few reporters trust that the present rate of investment is unsustainable, with numerous discovering parallels with the dot-com blast of the 1990s. But overall, Orvium looks to be a complete package and one must invest in science preserving projects as it is a human heritage. Moreover, the Orvium project has been vetted and supported by blockchain and cryptocurrency experts from

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