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APRO CRM helps small and medium companies create success

Mary Khoday



APRO CRM system offers a variety of smart marketing, financial, and statistics tools. APRO CRM is unique in combining a whole bunch of highly efficient solutions and functions to spare you the effort of using multiple programs. APRO CRM is an indispensable tool for small and medium companies, providing for smart task management and control, alongside with high data security and efficient work with clients, orders, contracts, calls, emails and projects.

APRO CRM is already created in a number of industry versions, which best satisfy the specific needs of nearly any business type: car dealers, real estate agencies, installation companies, travel agencies, law offices and recruitment companies, as well as B2B and B2C sales.

How to install APRO CRM?

There is no need to install anything. All you need to do to start using the CRM is just register and sign in. You are even granted a trial period of 14 days get yourself acquainted with the system; when the trial period expires, you can switch to the rate you find the most appropriate. You can log on from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone — the only condition is a stable Internet connection.

A few words about system features

Information security is guaranteed to absolutely any sort of your company internal data: the database of clients, partners, and vendors, the catalog of products you are producing or selling, contracts, shipping, contact details, calls, emails, etc. All the data is kept organized and stored securely in one place.

Tasks and project management. The work is organized as a series of tasks to be accomplished. You can monitor a task progress status at any time. The advantages of this method can hardly be underestimated: it spares you daily briefings and travels along the corridors to get your reports approved. You can even try to introduce the kanban method, and divide the project into stages with an assigned supervisor for each one.

IP telephony instead of the traditional one. You can make calls right from the CRM: all you need is a headset. All the calls history, including conversations recordings, is stored in relevant contact profiles right in the CRM. You can adjust incoming call processing scripts, that will dramatically improve the efficiency of your call center. You are also free to connect any telephony provider you desire.

Sending email and SMS campaigns from APRO CRM requires no additional software or applications, which is extremely convenient.

Creating documents. This is one of the most popular settings for lazybones. It just couldn’t get easier: you create a ready-made template of the document you need, and specify the fields you want to be filled with different data each time the template is used (for example, name, address, payment details, product parameters, etc.) — and you are ready to go! You no longer need to type and fill in your documents manually — just go to contact/object profile, click “Create document”, and let APRO CRM do all the rest. Templates can save you hours and hours of dull and routine tackling of documents.

Reports and statistics are of crucial importance to managers and marketing experts. APRO CRM provides accurate automated reports that spare you the trouble of counting and building diagrams — just set the report parameters and watch the CRM work for you. APRO CRM can give you current statistics on nearly anything: from monthly sales up to annual profits. All the reports are displayed right on the desktop and are updated each time you log on.

Sales funnels require no comments. Their importance for sales is unquestionable.

Business processes automation is a very useful function — especially for routine activities, such as campaigns and regular invoicing.

Marketing tools. Application “Retargeting”, together with the analytics script built-in to the feedback forms on your company website, helps track visitors and compile statistics on them. Automated publishing in social networks is also available.

Website integration. You can embed a special form to your company website in order to collect your clients’ requests and communicate with them via live chat, phone calls from website or callbacks.

Security and control. Logging makes it ever so easy to keep an eye on user activity in the CRM. You can monitor each user sign in from different devices and IP addresses (and restrict the access from some of them, if necessary), check modules and pages browsed and see the changes made. Access restrictions for CRM modules, pages, and even fields are there to ensure data security.

Financial tools. Automated generation of invoices will make the life of your finance department much easier.

Any additional integrations via API are always welcome.

To sum it all up

The diverse system functions described above are only a part of what APRO CRM has to offer. For example, real estate agencies can enjoy a number of special features, such as automated upload to advertising platforms, bookings schedule, etc.

The greatest advantage of APRO CRM is its flexibility and the potential to adjust to nearly any business specifics under the sun. Quite the same can be said about functions: use only what you need to use, and add new options whenever you find appropriate.

The disadvantageous part consists in having to understand how to modify the standard settings occasionally, but it’s totally worth it. Besides, you can always count on the best of advice from APRO CRM tech support team — absolutely for free!

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