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Bidooh Cryptocurrency (DOOH tokens) and Digital Advertising.

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The Bidooh cryptocurrency’s involvement in digital advertising could be a turning point for digital advertising as it is, taking it to a new level of customer reach globally for both advertisers and consumer market. Cryptocurrencies more often than not solve the problems of financial industry one way or the other but it is rare to see a cryptocurrency going outside the financial industry to solve problems, perhaps this is what makes the Bidooh cryptocurrency an aspiring one. The cryptocurrency aims to solve the problem of digital advertising being unreachable to a wide population by bringing in blockchain to make it decentralized, global and time efficient.

Digital advertising at the moment

The digital advertising market at the moment is a very limited market in terms of advertisers’ reach. On the consumer level, all people see are brands being advertised on billboards, thousands of billboards around the world but more often than not it seems like they are all advertising the same brands. That is because when one steps out of the consumer level into the advertiser/business owner level then the problems of reach of the digital marketing world begins to surface. It becomes glaring how tedious it may be to get an ad up there, the time it takes because it has to be through a phone call to a digital ad firm and so on. This problem arises because the digital ad industry is a centralized industry at the moment and just like every centralized system it has the problems of being time consuming, tedious and prone to errors. It is this problem that the Bidooh cryptocurrency team aims to fix.

How does Bidooh come in to solve the digital ad problem?

The Bidooh team came together, realized the problem as well as saw blockchain as an answer to the problem. The blockchain technology by design is capable of taking a centralized process and making it decentralized so that there is no central mediator in all procedures but rather every member of the system has a share in performing a joint function. Therefor by creating a blockchain backed digital ad platform, users/investors now collectively make decision on ads to run and every user/investor can run ads without having to go through a decentralized body. This way getting ads on the digital space becomes powered by blockchain, accessible to every member of the Bidooh platform and most of all time saving.  

Bidooh already has prospects, as big crypto players are showing interest and signing up to be partners and investing in the cryptocurrency. OKEx is one of the major support Bidooh has gotten so far, some others which remain undisclosed help to increase the faith in the platform. Cryptocurrencies that can solve problems, tend to be more impactful in the crypto world.

Benefits of using blockchain to control digital advertising.

Overall, with the use of blockchain for digital advertising on Bidooh platform, the process becomes decentralized, and with it, the advantages of a decentralized platform.

  1. Time saving: the decentralized nature of the blockchain technology makes the entire process of getting an ad shown faster,since every token holder has the opportunity to advertise their business while paying with the DOOH tokens without going through a middle man.
  2. Global reach: unlike before, when the reach for digital advertisement was limited for businesses, Bidooh brings the opportunity for every investor or DOOH token holder to be able to advertise their business on the digital screens, thereby opening up more advantages for a lot of businesses that would have otherwise found it difficult to get their ads shown on major bill boards.
  3. Market analysis for advertisers: the digital bill boards will be able to approximate the effectiveness of ads run on the screens, through a facial detection analysis to be able to know how many people stare at thescreens at different locations. Advertisers will therefore have access to this information that willl help them make useful and effective decisions.
  4. Better targeted advertisement for advertisers: with information on effectiveness of adverts at hand, business owners can then make better decision on which of the screens in which location they want to run their ads, therefore making targeted ads a better possibility.
  5. It will provide a market place for related services: it is expected that not only advertisers will be on the Bidooh platform. People that specialize in offering related skills can as well be present in the platform and will hired for their services. Services like graphic design, content analysts, content writing and so on can be useful on the platform to help advertisers create their ad, thereby theserviceproviders can earn DOOH token.
  6. Investors will be able to design and run their ads on the screens only by using the app from their mobile devices.

To belong to the Bidooh platform and benefit from the digital ad revolution, interested users need to own DOOH tokens and sign up on the platform using the app. DOOH tokens will be sold at an ICO scheduled to begin on the 31st of October 2018.

In conclusion, Bidooh is a prospective project that has the stakes in place to make digital advertisement even bigger than it is by backing it up with blockchain. Its design will be beneficial to business owners and service providers alike making it easier to put their works out there just by owning DOOH tokens and using the Bidooh platform.

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