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Fusion Foundation launches its testnet of an inclusive cryptofinance platform

Eseandre Mordi



Blockchain technology and its resultant cryptocurrencies have most definitely changed the landscape of the digital financial world. The ease at which funds can now be transferred, taking just a few minutes and having negligible charges are the main factor that has made digital money the choice of people in just a few short years.

The meteoric rise of cryptocurrencies is, however, not without issues. Some of these, like the price volatility and the sheer number of tokens, are inherent to the ecosystem. Yet, there are issues that can be controlled, or at least mitigated.

Testnet Launch of Fusion Foundation

Fusion Foundation is a blockchain company that leveraging on some unique financing rules and features to bridge the gap between traditional financing and the crypto world. It recently announced the release of its Testnet, allowing users to check and get a feel of how the network will actually work in the real world.

Fusion: A New Era In Crypto Finance

Released by the Chinese serial entrepreneur, DJ Qian, Fusion is a public blockchain ecosystem that is bringing the birth of crypto finance to the world. The platform the necessary infrastructure and architecture needed for a complete range of financial services in the blockchain technology sector.

Key features of the Fusion Network include:

  • Inclusiveness: The Fusion Protocol provides different APIs to integrate different crypto tokens, data sources, and off chain systems within its ecosystem. This allows any organization, individual, dApp developers to build their own ecosystems, within the larger one of Fusion.
  • Interoperable: All tokens and other blockchain dApps will have interoperability within the Fusion Protocol. This means no longer are separate tokens and contracts working in isolation.
  • LILO: Lock in Lock Out feature enables users to gain access to a huge aggregated liquidity pool, regardless of the crypto coins or tokens held.
  • Easy Swap: Much like Atomic Swaps, this feature will allow users to swap their held FSN tokens against the mainnet native FSN ones, bypassing the need for exchanges altogether.
  • Time Lock: Normally, traditional rules of finance are used in blockchain systems, that depends on the type of asset and the amount held. Timelock features add a third element, time into the equation. This means that features such as risk-free loans banker acceptance and others can be performed without the need of a trusted third party.

Through its network, Fusion Foundation is giving the masses a cryptofinance platform that will solve and eliminate the barriers that hinder the widespread use of blockchain.

Find out more on the Fusion website:

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