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DarcMatter announces its partnership with crypto fund #Hashed to boost the future of alternative investments and strengthen blockchain’s impact throughout Asia

Eseandre Mordi



In the beginning of June 2018, DarcMatter and #Hashed formed a partnership. DarcMatter has formed this partnership with #Hashed to boost the future of alternative investments and to strengthen the blockchain’s impact throughout Asia.

A little bit of background:

DarcMatter is a decentralized FinTech platform that provides direct access to alternative investments like Pre-Vetted Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Venture Capital Funds. DarcMatter was established in 2014. It allows users to invest in the alternative funds listed on the platform. The quality alternative investment opportunities are completely transparent to the users, who are provided sufficient access to them.

#Hashed is a top South Korean crypto investment fund. Their main focus is on blockchains. They are a blockchain incubator and community builder. With offices in Seoul, South Korea and San Francisco, California, #Hashed aims to accelerate the global enablement of blockchain through community building and impact investing. They have a lot of investments with different blockchains and companies on their portfolio. They have even done business partnerships with Coin Market, Terra and other successful blockchain-based companies.


Both companies share a common goal to boost the future of investment services and blockchain’s impact throughout South Korea and eventually, Asia as a whole. In partnering with #Hashed, DarcMatter will get a chance to increase its reach to new places in Asia with the help of the already established and utilized platform that #Hashed has provided. #Hashed, by partnering with DarcMatter can give its investors the alternative investments that DarcMatter has to provide on its platform. The platform of DarcMatter has already been well established among investors. This partnership will only help what DarcMatter would have eventually achieved in the coming years, faster than previously thought possible.

Problems that can be solved together:

Many funds are not transparent and can only be accessed by wealthy investors. The transactions are hidden and are open to fraud. This is an ineffective way to keep contact between customers and, thus, the transactions are still done mostly on paper.

Most ICO’s or blockchain projects are taken by #Hashed. This helps solve the problems of not having customers and investors. With #Hashed being a very popular platform in Korea, most of the ICO or projects it partners with have already succeeded in finding good investors.

Solved problems:

DarcMatter is able to make even a cross-border investment in seconds. With the transparency and the proof-of-work, DarcMatter will soon become a good contender in the financial world. Being decentralized, DarcMatter is completely safe and secure.

A lot of people always keep looking for new ways to invest. With #Hashed partnering with DarcMatter, the number of investment options has significantly increased.


This venture seems to be mutually beneficial for the both the companies. This is a good opportunity for DarcMatter to increase its users and investments with the help of #Hashed. In the same way, #Hashed, the largest blockchain fund in Korea, will help achieve the aim to increase financial investments with the help of DarcMatter and its investment options. After entering this new era, DarcMatter will be leading the charge specifically for alternative investments.

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