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Wix Will Offer PumaPay To Its Users as a New Recurring Payment Method

Eseandre Mordi



One of the biggest hurdles in making cryptocurrencies accepted in mainstream day-to-day payment is the secure nature of blockchain itself. From how the decentralized tokens and coins are designed, security is kept at the highest priority. This means that unless and until a wallet holder initiates a payment, a transfer cannot happen.

This means that a merchant or a service provider cannot do automatic, recurring payments, such as monthly fee or subscriptions. Each time, when a payment has to be made, the sender must transact manually. For services that relied on regular, repeated payments, cryptocurrency acceptance was out of the question.

PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol

PumaPay is a decentralized payment system for merchants, aimed at giving users the ease of day-to-day payments with flexibility over blockchain. To achieve this, the platform has created its PullPayment Protocol, that works just like modern-day credit or debit card payments do. Service users, such as subscribers to a magazine or a monthly premium access, can use the Pull Protocol to set up regular, on time crypto payments to the service provider, without the need of executing the transactions manually every time.

The PullPayment service has benefits to both parties. The provider is ensured that the payments will be automatically transferred to their wallet on agreed times. The service provider is then protected from unnecessary delays or fraud. The end user of the service provider also is at ease, since he or she will know that payments are being made on time and will receive uninterrupted services.

The implications of the protocol are far and wide. From monthly subscription to pay per view or pay per time methods, each can be custom tailored by a merchant according to their industry and need.

At the heart of the protocol is a unique smart contract that allows for the reverse billing methodology, allowing for merchants to pull funds from their user wallets

Wix and PumaPay Collaboration

Wix is a launch platform for small businesses and individuals to design and deploy their websites in a very short time. The platform has a vast array of templates that users can choose from and customize it with their logo and pictures, along with themes, to create unique looking portals and conduct their business through it.

Wix has already integrated a number of payment methods to facilitate its users in accepting money for the services they render. Yet, the meteoric rise of crypto payments was still not added, since funds in blockchain can only be pushed by the sender and not pulled by the receiver.

This is where PumaPay’s PullPayment comes in. With the two platforms collaborating, Wix users will be able to integrate the unique service into their payment options and receive crypto funds without the fear of delays or fraud. With thousands of PumaPay users and millions of Wix ones, they collaboration will open payment options to a large crypto sector.

PumaPay’s CEO, Yoav Dror, had this to say about the collaboration, “Wix and PumaPay share the vision of providing merchants with the best online business experience, while Wix enables small businesses to easily integrate payment methods to their businesses online, PumaPay offers the potential for them to accept payments in cryptocurrencies hassle-free, avoiding the pains of traditional payment solutions, such as transaction fees, chargebacks and associated fines, and long transaction consolidation timelines. We’re excited about the potential of this collaboration.

Meanwhile, Eric Benayoun, Head of Payments at Wix said, “We welcome the opportunity to add a new payment option. We continually strive to offer our users a new and alternative means to reach additional customers and enhance the buying experience. We believe our collaboration with PumaPay will help us provide an additional layer of payment options to benefit both our users and their customers.

About PumaPay

Offering something unique in the crypto market, PumaPay and its PullPayment Protocol have created a wave of interest in the industry. The interest by global crypto community is evident from funds raised over USD 117 million through its private sales. According to CryptoCompare, a platform that monitors ICOs, TGEs and other fundraising events, PumaPay was the 7th largest ICO ever in the decentralized industry.

The unique method of merging blockchain with traditional payments of credit and debit cards is a comprehensive and flexible protocol that gives ease of fiat-based transactions while retaining the speed and security of cryptos.

The interest in the protocol has already garnered collaboration from 50 other organizations and platforms from different industries, such as financial technology to lifestyles. With Wix, the expansion reaches a new era as the protocol can now be used by every one of the millions of Wix users.

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