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How to Write a Perfect White Paper for an ICO Project

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Startups, NGOs and small businesses have always had trouble with raising funds for their causes. Being a small fish in a big pond isn’t a welcome sight, especially when finance is in question. The rise of cryptocurrencies changed the face of the financial world as we know it. Crowdfunding, fundraising and public investment offers are a common practice in today’s digital currency world.

To that end, a new type of financial project exists in place to circumvent government regulations, tedious paperwork and the banking middlemen in general. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) represents a pivotal move forward when it comes to fundraising for small organizations with no backing. In essence, it can help startups and other small enterprises raise crypto revenue for their goals and use that money to fund their projects.

However in order to get there, white papers are necessary and presented to potential investors. Writing a white paper is no different than writing a sales paper for a B2B project but in the terms of ICO, it does differentiate in certain aspects. Let’s take a look at how you can write the perfect white paper for your ICO project in order to raise the funds you so desperately need.

  • Outline your points

A good way to start your ICO white paper is to outline all the points you are about to cover.

  • What is the purpose of your project?
  • What are the deliverable deadlines and outcomes you strive for?
  • Are any other organizations involved in the project and to what extent?
  • Which cryptocurrencies are you looking for and are you open to alternatives?

It’s important to treat your white paper as a business document ready to be presented to an investor. In essence, you are looking for ICO investors for a project for which you couldn’t obtain any funding otherwise.

Once your points become set in stone, you can start filling in the blanks. Alternatively, writing services such as RewardedEssays and SupremeDissertations can help you do it in a professional and cohesive manner. As it turns out, ICO projects can and should exist on an international level.

You can translate your white paper through a platform such as IsAccurate in order to be eligible for international funding through the numerous investment opportunities abroad. Make sure to include all the points of interest and importance in your outline before you move on to writing the details of each segment.

  • Offer organizational background

Organizational background is an essential part of an ICO white paper – and for a good reason. No investor will give you their funds without knowing who you are and what your background is. Include your organization’s abridged history, development milestones and external links for additional information.

Be transparent about who you are and what your intent is in the future. There is no point in trying to swindle an investor into funding your ICO project if their crypto will go to waste. Should you find yourself in a need for quick white paper writing, you can check out FlashEssay and get your points across on a very short turnaround time.

  • Adopt a conversational tone

Even though an ICO white paper is an important document, it still represents your brand and company. Make sure that your charisma and positivity shines through the technical details of your project and the funds you require.

Use a conversational tone and add some heart to your writing. Don’t write in a robotic voice and try to loosen up your storytelling. The entirety of your white paper should have the same style, tone of voice and formatting through and through.

Avoid writing the ICO paper by two or more people – trust one person to do it correctly. The goal of your paper is to get investors to trust you with their time and funds – you can only do that if you are honest.

  • Include actionable information

Many white papers suffer the same mistakes of not including concrete information in their paragraphs. While it is important to express your organization’s dreams, long-term goals and mission statement, it’s also important to “be real”.

To that end, be as specific as possible about the goals of your project and what you hope to accomplish in the long run. Talk about why you chose to form an ICO project instead of going forward with more traditional fundraising methods. It’s a good idea to contact a platform such as GetGoodGrade and enlist a professional writer to adopt a more persuasive conversational tone in your writing.

Most importantly, formulate several KPIs with numeric value which will serve as your project’s ultimate goals. This will reassure the investors of your plans and give them a sense of confidence in your abilities to deliver on the project.

  • Up-to-date contact information

Just as any other business document, your ICO white paper should include the latest contact information available on your company. This should include your addresses, your emails and phone numbers as well as the cryptocurrency address which you will set up for the fundraising.

Each Crowdfunding project has a set amount of funds the company or an NGO is trying to attain. Your potential investors should also have insight into your current fundraising goal as well as how many days they have left to participate. This is similar to the systems which are often used on Kickstarter and similar platforms.

It’s also a good idea to use a professional formatting tool such as Citatior for your contact info in order to avoid any mistakes. Since you will ship your white paper in digital form, you can include as many hyperlinks as you see fit when it comes to contact information and informative links in general.

  • Proofreading and editing

Lastly, the most important part of any sales or public document is adequate grammar and spelling. You don’t want to show up with a spelling mistake or a formatting error when writing an ICO white paper. The entire crowdfunding process could be in jeopardy if people get the impression that you don’t know how to use written English effectively.

In order to avoid that, make sure to check out a service such as Grammarly, HotEssayService or Hemingway before you publish the white paper. This will ensure that your document is free of any technical mistakes which you might have overlooked personally. Once that’s done, you can safely ship the ICO white paper to potential investors as well as publish it on your website and social media channels.

Follow up down the line (Conclusion)

Large investment organizations and wealthy individuals will often jump at the opportunity to pitch in with a noble cause. However some of them might forget about your ICO white paper, misplace the email or simply overlook it entirely. You can follow up on your white paper by contacting the potential investment partners by asking them for an update on their stand.

Believe it or not, many of them will be far more lenient to a one-on-one conversation than they might be to a shipped ICO document. Once you fulfill the funding goals you have raised, you should also follow up on the promises and milestones you set for the raised sum. That way, your credibility will stay intact and you will attract a lot of positive buzz from the public at large.

Pauline Farris is a native Brazilian and Portuguese speaker having a bachelor’s degree in Languages and Translation. She also has a master’s degree in Translation Studies from York University, Canada. Pauline has a vast experience working with different nationalities and offering translation services, as well as subtitling, training, revision and editing, and interpreting. She is an active collaborator to Rated by Students and Top Writers Review, and an energetic participant in Portuguese Language Division of the Leadership Council. Finally, Pauline has also the right to vote in the American Translators Association.

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