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Orvium is the first decentralized framework for managing associated data and life cycles. Orvium is a social platform that is built on the blockchain technology. Orvium creates a traceable and trustworthy science publication. The platform utilizes analytics and big data to build a smart digital infrastructure to boost validation and production.

How Orvium Works
Authors can register an account on the Orvium platform. The researchers will use an alphanumeric code to identify academic contributors and authors. The platform demands researchers confirm their wallet after registering on the platform.

Users can submit their manuscripts to the researchers. The manuscript will be stored in the blockchain. After submitting their manuscripts, Authors can buy ORV tokens and upload on the platform for users to review their manuscripts. The author of each manuscript will determine the number of ORV tokens and paid reviews. Authors of the manuscript can also determine the quality of review for each manuscript. Authors will use the current market price to determine the quality of each review.

The review proof and the content will be attached to each manuscript. The review proof will be available to the whole community. Other users can also stake their tokens to reward the author’s manuscript with more reviews.

The owner of the manuscript completely determines the copyright and licensing rights. They withhold the rights to download, transfer, alter or re-use the files at any time.

The market structure does not influence the prices. Orvium eliminates conflict regarding ownership, plagiarism, and registration. There is seamless integration between results, processes and research data.

The research community is responsible for determining the soundness and the validity of each research.
Orvium rewards reviewers and authors of the system.

How Orvium Began
Orvium began to eliminate market flaws and improve the effectiveness and the quality of science publishing. Orvium main aim is to be the leading publication platform for publishers.

They are aware that science has a significant impact on the society. Science altered how we live, work and communicate. Researchers are always fascinated to generate new ideas. Hence, the platform was created to become one of the most profitable publication companies that will compete with big data giant companies. The current publications nullify author’s efforts with high cost, opaque review process and lack of rewards for reviewers.

Who Invented Orvium?
The Creator of the platform is Manuel. He is focus is on supporting large companies built on the blockchain technology. Other team members support him. Antonio is the technology solution Architect, Roberto is the application and cloud technology expert. Alberto is the scientific Advisor. The CEO and the team aim to make this project a success.

Investing in Orvium
Orvium is built on the ORV token. Users will be able to earn ORV token through manuscript submission, Payments for copyright license, research data sharing, peer review, journal owners, and readers.

The platform will give token holders a percentage of the funds. The investment token is FND. The FND token acts as a value token and backers of the token can use it to fund request on the platform.

By creating an investment token, the platform has followed the best practices of Brave Brower, and Gnosis token.

Risks of Investing in Orvium
There are many risks of investing In Orvium they include financial risk, the risk of loss or damage, the risk of incompatible wallet, the risk of mining attacks, Risk of security weakness and hacking, Risk of similar projects, Risk associated with the market for the tokens.

Other risks include software weakness, Regulatory measures, lack of success, taxation, cryptography.

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