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PDATA Token – Make Money from a Decentralized Marketplace by selling your personal data.

Eseandre Mordi



In the modern world of today, big data is a huge business. Connectivity in today’s world means we share a lot of our personal data online. From our basic info and our likes and dislikes on social media to how and where we move around through different sensory devices installed on our smartphones.

This data holds a lot of value for big organizations worldwide. They can analyze and develop a very detailed demographic report that enables them to make well-informed decisions. The problem arises that this data is hard to collect. Many organizations do not have access and they have to turn to big data companies like Google and Facebook. Recent whistleblowers and other revelations have revealed that most big data collect the information in an unethical manner, without user approval.

Opiria’s Ethical Manner

Opiria is a decentralized marketplace for data sellers and buyers to connect. The platform believes that personal data is what its name is: personal. No one but the owner of the data should be in control of how it is used and sold. Therefore, the platform has been designed as such that it eliminates the middleman, AKA big data organizations.

Sellers can be individuals who can connect directly with buyers, allowing users to have full control over what data they wish to impart. The platform allows sellers to monetize their data so that data owners can make money off their sales, which would ordinarily be subjugated by big data companies.

Using the power of Blockchain, not only is this decentralized system cheap, fast and allows P2P connectivity, but the ultra-secure system also gives confidence to data sellers that no malicious party can steal their data and use for their own purposes.

Opera has developed the marketplace for all kind of sellers. As such, it not only has a standard web interface but also has applications on the Android and iOS system.

Opiria’s team is highly experienced in the data selling arena as it already has a data selling platform running and its list of clientage includes major companies such as Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Audi.


Opiria, like all decentralized Blockchain systems, monetizes transactions on its platform through its internal token, called the PDATA.  The PDATA is running its pre-sale at the moment. The going rate is $0.10 per PDATA and a minimum of $2500 contribution is required to participate.  There are a total of 450 million coins available and investors can enjoy a 20% bonus currently. Buy your PDATA Token on the website:

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