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PumaPay Welcomes To the Advisory Board, Kenji Sasaki; Blockchain visionary and Co-Founder of Cardano.

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PumaPay PullPayment protocol is a payment protocol by PumaPay. Being a decentralized payment platform that has been able to simplify payment process for several platforms and start-ups, it went on to developed a payment protocol that addresses the many irregularities of the blockchain, making transactions very much easier and faster for merchants and traders by taking away the huge cost of making transactions which includes the many charges that comes with individual transactions, the time it costs to transact, and restores to transactions, a faster transaction option that is less costly, more effective and allows not just for customer anonymity, but also guarantees customer sovereignty.

Why PumaPay PullPayment Protocol?

At the initial stage of cryptocurrency development, there were several challenges being faced by the digital world. Some of these challenges include; low scalability, many cases of fraud and scams resulting to the insecurity of transactions. With the introduction of blockchain, many of these challenges were solved; and effectiveness, clear transparency, and speedy transaction was introduced into the digital world. Notwithstanding the effect of blockchain, there were still some irregularities that were unattended to. Some of these irregularities include; the inability of customers to carry out pay per view transactions and customers being confronted with recurrent and split payments among others. This went on for quite some time until the introduction of the PumaPay PullPayment protocol.

This protocol is aimed at revolutionizing everyday payments by making it more attractive and more effective. The PumaPay PullPayment protocol doesn’t aim at working independently from the blockchain. Instead, it aims to work with the blockchain and further better it, creating a new and conducive digital payment marketplace that makes possible several impossibilities on the blockchain. With its clear mission and track record of success verified by reviews and ratings on a daily basis, PumaPay’s PullPayment protocol has gained widespread recognition and adoption across various nations of the globe, partnering with several notable companies to make it a payment method on their platforms. It currently records a network of partnership with over 60 notable companies across the globe.

PumaPay Welcomes Kenji Sasaki

The many successes recorded by the PumaPay platform have been largely attributed to its team of individuals who are not just experts in the areas of specialization, but are also committed to making sure the platform attains its vision by constantly implementing new innovations; one of which is the PumaPay PullPayment protocol that is one of its kind, tested and proven to simplify payments and make it more attractive. Behind the success of PumaPay’s platform is not just the expertise and commitment of its working team alone, but also the intelligence and wit of the advisory team.

To add to the wealth of knowledge that makes up PumaPay’s advisory team is Kenji Sasaki. Reports have it that Kenji Sasaki has joined the Pumpay’s advisory board to bring his expertise and years of practical experiences especially as it has to do with blockchain into the PumaPay to facilitate the activities of the working team and bring about more innovations to improve the working of the platform.

Who Is Kenji Sasaki?

Kenji Sasaki is currently the CEO of Next Chymia Consulting HK and also credited to have Co-founded Cardano. He is also on Emurgo’s working team as a Corporate Officer and a blockchain visionary who has largely contributed in knowledge and practice towards the advancement of the blockchain. He has a large working experience in Asia and has contributed towards digital transformation in Japan.

The announcement of Kenji Sasaki joining the PumaPay advisory team has been welcomed by all sundry who have taken on several mediums to express their happiness and zeal to work with him. This expression was led Yoav Droy who is the CEO of PumaPay who expressed how happy he is knowing that Kenji Sasaki a longtime supporter of the platform has chosen to join and drive the platform’s mission.

Kenji Sasaki’s decision to join PumaPay is no doubt a positive inclusion for the platform as a whole because of how much experience Kenji is bringing to it. As much as the platform is delighted to have Kenji Sasaki join its advisory team, Kenji is also really happy to be a part of the platform.

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