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CoinSpectator: The World’s Real-Time Cryptocurrency News Aggregator.

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Coinspectator is a cryptocurrency news aggregator with a difference. With cryptocurrencies now being taken seriously by many governments and regulatory authorities, the public interest in digital tokens and coins is ever more increasing. At first, there were only a handful of websites and platforms that dealt with the information and news about blockchain, its running projects and any other related information.

With the increased interest, a number of portals have popped up on the internet. Some, like Coindesk and CCN, have become a major hub for news and updated information. Yet, each platform, whether a generic blockchain news portal or a dedicated, technical discussion forum, each does not take a holistic approach. There is always something missing. This means that crypto users, enthusiasts and blockchain industry connected people have to visit a number of portals and websites to ensure that they have a complete access to the latest news.

CoinSpectator, A Holistic Approach

Taking this into account, where people have to keep multiple tabs open, each with a different website and portal about cryptocurrency news and updates, the team behind CoinSpectator realized that there existed, a huge gap, in providing accurate, updated information to interested people.

The result is CoinSpectator’s cryptocurrency news aggregator,  a platform that aggregates information about cryptocurrencies, the latest happenings, regulatory news and compliances into one package and delivers it for crypto investors, enthusiasts and traders in real time. This allows all concerned parties to make better and timely judgement investments, trades and performances of their preferred tokens.

The platform consists of three major aspects, enabling clear and reliable information display:

  • News Feed: The feed covers the latest blockchain news from all parts of the world. This ranges from a specific token or coin to regulations and technology. This feed contains only verified news from reliable sources. If a visitor signs up, he or she can alter the default settings to include blog articles as well.

Perhaps one the most striking feature is the ability of users to interact with the feed. Each news, blog, or article is accompanied by a voting mechanism. Users can Upvote or down vote the article or news. This ensures that other users can seek the most important information quickly, rather than wade through a ton of information.

  • ICO Feed: With hundreds of token sales being planned, it is sometimes hard to keep track of them. ICOs can either be in a planning stage, running or post-sales stage and be completely missed by an investor or interested party. This feed gives the list of ICOs along with their current status, start date, end date and sale rate.

Another feature of the ICO feed is that users are also given information on the reliability of the ICO and the associated platform. This means investors can check out the status and decide if investing in a specific ICO is worth it.

  • Price Ticker: One the biggest reasons for losses in active trades is the inability to get updated information on the cryptocurrency prices by traders. Cryptocurrencies are notorious for wildly fluctuating prices. Sometimes, even a 3% variation in price over a period of 24 hours is considered normal for digital tokens. The price ticker on the CoinSpectator portal covers the top 10 cryptocurrencies and displays their values in real time. This allows traders and crypto owners to take advantage through the few seconds of edge they get and let them decide either to sell or buy the tokens.

CoinSpectator History & Team

The CoinSpectator portal is the result of hard work of a cryptocurrency news writer who saw the many shortcomings blockchain news platforms of today have. By developing the CoinSpectator portal, the development team covers the major gaps in the current platforms and get rids of the unnecessary clutter that would otherwise just cause delays in getting hands on the right information.

The platform started off as a blog platform specifically targeting the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. Having its roots back in 2013, the platform has grown from a simple blog website to one the most comprehensive news portal with material sourced from more than 150 points to deliver fast, verified and updated information in real time. The development team consists of:

  • Justina Patricia: She is the Managing Editor of the platform and responsible for the overall functions and ensuring that apart from the grammatical and proofreading errors, the contents are engaging and do not stray from the subject at hand.
  • Jefferson May: As a Senior reporter, Jefferson is responsible for the updated news and articles sourcing.
  • Simon Penfield: Assistant Editor, Simon does what he is good at: editing. He makes sure that articles and blogs are accurate, verified and engaging.

In all the CoinSpectator is a one-stop solution for every kind of information required by a crypto owner or trader, at any level of expertise or investment.

Get all your crypto news from the CoinSpectator cryptocurrency news aggregator website on:

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