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Zoom: A Freelance Marketplace, Outsourcing and Project Management Platform

Eseandre Mordi



With the introduction of digital currencies, came the development of the blockchain. This was mainly to address the many issues of insecurity and fraud that characterized the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, things have changed over time as more and more platform within and outside the blockchain are gradually beginning to make use of the blockchain to ensure not just security, but to also enhance effectiveness in the best way possible. Of the many platforms making use of the blockchain is Zoom. Being a project management and outsourcing platform powered by the blockchain, Zoom has just been able to develop a marketplace that creates one of the best and enabling environment for freelancers.

What Is Zoom?

Zoom is an online platform that was established to oversee projects and simplify them in the best possible way by creating a link between freelancers and companies looking for a freelancer to hire. Moving at this initial pace, Zoom was able to mark itself out as an effective integrated platform. Notwithstanding the success recorded initially, Zoom understanding the demand of technological advancements, was able to make use of the blockchain and artificial intelligence to develop its platform which has successfully contributed to its building and launching of a booming freelance marketplace.

What To Expect From Zoom’s Freelance Marketplace

There is a lot to expect from the new freelance marketplace developed by Zoom. These expectations are more secured considering the innovative introduction of artificial intelligence and blockchain to the platform. This will mean –

  •    A reorganization of the freelance online marketing place which will create a better ecosystem that is conducive for both the freelancers as well as companies looking out for freelancers to manage and work on complex tasks.
  •    Hiring and employment process will be more simplified; the payments system will be well secured, and healthy interaction will be fostered in the ecosystem.
  •    Outsourcing and project management will be more secure, transparent and effective considering it’s being powered by the blockchain. Complex projects will also not only be simplified, but the platform’s employment portal makes availability and security of freelancers much more transparent and reflective of merit.
  •    More technological partnerships will be introduced to support the working of the platform. These technologies include an infrastructure that separates activities based on abilities; an ID system to validate identity; a smart contract to ensure connections are decentralized, and the Zoom’s token that will be the official means of payment for transactions carried out on the platform.

This blooming freelance marketplace of Zoom will be working hand in hand with its already existing outsourcing and project management platform. Being powered by the blockchain, this is going to be an unusual ecosystem in a positive way. It will be a two-way beneficial ecosystem. First to the freelancers who are able to access, review and accept available projects and task, and then to the virtual companies who will be able to check the qualifications and abilities of freelancers to know who is capable of handling any task. Then, most importantly, a secure payment system has been put in place to ensure security and transparency of funds.


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