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Grow your business with Wysh messaging platform

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Wysh has come with a Multichannel intelligent messaging system and customer support for the Enterprise powered by Artificial Intelligence with safe and secure Blockchain-based technology. Now Wysh has declared its messaging channel for immediate communication between users and business world.  You can improve your business value while connecting with Wysh. Wysh is providing you the Artificial Intelligence-based digital channel to communicate. Wysh has created a commerce community with Al-driven messenger and now e-commerce experience for users, businessmen, and service providers.

Why Artificial Intelligence based messaging system?

Artificial Intelligence is on the market again as it has a lot of benefits to the users as well as for service providers. Their chat box has a lot of benefits and it can ease the way to communicate. How Can Artificial Intelligence based messaging system help you?

  • Live in the Trend- Always be Present on the Messaging System
  • Improve your customer care service to satisfy your customers.
  • Ready to engage with your customers
  • Monitoring Consumer Data & Gaining Insights
  • Better Lead Generation and qualification
  • Near Approach to Global market
  • Cost Cuttings and savings

Why Blockchain technology?

Blockchain is the technology that places the trust from the third parties into our own hands by allowing us to validate our own transactions. This technology is more fast and secure.

Blockchain technology has a powerful impact on the business world. It has a great potential to secure and integrate the data. Transparency in the transaction is must so that nobody can be cheated over the network. It seems, in next upcoming years, the blockchain technology will become the key pillar of the internet.

Due to above benefits of Blockchain technology, Wysh has tied up with the Blockchain-based transaction system.

Wysh vision and mission

Wysh’s strong mission is to change the way businesses engage with customers by tackling current issues with service industries. Efforts of the whole team are gaining success day by day. Intelligent staff is taking Wysh to the next level, in speed, convenience, savings, and enjoyment. With the Blockchain technology merchants and users can use multiple payment options safely and securely. Also, they will be getting many rewards with tokens for instant gratification.

What wysh offers?

  • Wysh offers chat box for immediate communication through intelligent messaging system
  • Multiple options of payment are there through the app with Blockchain technology.
  • You can sign up through the friends and your friends will get the rewards.

To whom, Wysh can help with its instant intelligent messaging system:

Property managers and real estate– Wysh can help property sellers in placing delivery orders, tracking packages, scheduling pickups, meeting schedule and housekeeping.

Hotels: Wysh can help hotel managers to book rooms for the visitors, in reservation of restaurants. It can also help in collecting the feedback od customers and make in relation with them in future.

Digital as an API–  It offers an open platform for any service company to leverage our API & SDK, providing back-end software to fuel growth.  

Online shopping– As online shopping and mobile banking is in trend, It can help the customers to have safe and secure payment options.

Apart from above, another business men like school owners and colleges managements can also use the messaging systems to grow in the market.

Procedure to join Wysh

  • Sign up with Wysh
  • Setup a community or deploy a white-labeled channel
  • Invite the users
  • Receive user requests
  • Do transactions when required
  • Do engage with customers and understand their requirements
  • Increase your engagement with customers

Some Important Features:

Strong Team: Their team is well expert in the field of concierge, technology, and financial services industries. Their leadership qualities are perfect to satisfy all users.

Tracking & Reporting: You can track and report regarding open requests, payments, response times, customer feedback and more.

Genuine pricing – The pricing structure is so genuine and cost-effective. It includes

Standard                               Free

White Label                          $500/Mo

Enterprise                             Need Talk

Add Ons                                 $35/Mo per feature

If you want to increase and strengthen your business, then Wysh can give you the way. To communicate with your customers, it is providing you the best digital platform.




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