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ZeroCarbon Project is making the world a better place with Energis (ETK) Token.

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Our world is experiencing rapid climate change, so rapidly that it is posing lots of catastrophic risks to every community.

The climate change is caused largely by the increasing amount of carbon emission into the atmosphere. Sadly, many people do not know this, and even the few that know are hardly doing much to reduce their energy consumption.

Renewable energy technological equipment is springing up on a daily basis in a bid to save our planet. The problem, however, remains that these renewable energy equipment are too expensive, and this has reduced their impact on carbon emissions.

Quite a number of consumers are concerned about the climate change, but the high cost of renewable energy technologies have turned the preference of customers to more affordable electricity that’s generated from fossil fuels.

It is against this background that the ZeroCarbon project was initiated in a bid to positively impact the world by not only providing a viable solution to the problem of emission but by also rewarding people with Energis token for using it.  Now, this is solution brought in the simplest way. No more worries about the high cost of using renewable energy again.

Here, we will try to examine some really interesting benefits of the ZeroCarbon Project as related to solving the problem of climate change.

Tackling Climate Change In A Unique Way

The real reason this project was initiated was to bring carbon emission to zero. A team of energy professionals from electricity markets around the world actually sat together, to initiate a well-thought project that will tackle climate change using blockchain technology. The project is centered around working with the crypto-world in making a difference by providing the leadership that’s required to hasten a transition into zero carbon emission.

Consumers can now save enough money as compared the carbon-based energy supply that they are probably using now.

Rewarding Efforts To Reduce Emissions

Apart from providing an energy source that is non-emissive proven, the founders of this project also initiated a reward system, where people earn tokens as a reward for engaging in certain energy-saving behaviors, such as reducing the overall usage of lights, taking public transport, using energy efficient appliances etc. Users are rewarded with Energis Token (ETK), usable for payment of electric bills, charging of electric vehicles or to be converted into cash.

This reward is introduced so that users do not only see energy saving as a community service but also as a way to earn more while going about it.


Naturally, incentives drive people into action. The introduction of incentive into efforts to reduce emissions is predicted to yield results speedily. The world still watches to see how much impact this action will make on the planet.

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