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How To Make Money From CryptoCarz Virtual Car Racing

Eseandre Mordi



It’s breathtaking how fast Blockchain technology is impacting the world, making bold statements in almost every façade of the general life. With cryptocurrency users increasingly discovering new use cases for Cryptocurrencies, it is only natural that thousands of crypto-platforms are springing up everyday, looking to leverage the many opportunities that this technology presents. Although mixed stories abound concerning each of these springing up Cryptocurrency platforms, quite a number of them are genuine and making huge impacts, especially developing new and beneficial use cases that cover vital areas of the lives of users.

One of such Cryptocurrency platforms is CryptoCarz, and one of such use cases that’s unique and generally promising is its virtual car racing.

Lovers of car racing games can now actually play online with millions of competitors all around the world and earn tokens that can be converted into real money from just having fun online.

This article is focused on exposing how you can make some money from Virtual racing, playing under the CryptoCarz platform.

A little About CryptoCarz

In simple terms, CryptoCarz is the future of racing brought to the present!

CryptoCarz is the world’s first Blockchain-enabled virtual racing experience, it is an online platform that utilizes the Blockchain technology to allow users buy racing vehicles, customize these vehicles, race with users around the world, earn tokens while racing, and trade personalized racing vehicles which are stored in a users private Ethereum wallet.

How To Earn

There are basically two ways to earn on cryptoCars virtual racing platform.

  • Earnings From Completing Daily Tasks: The game interface is presented in a way that you can purchase cars, and use for racing each day. While you may not have just enough money to buy a car that’s super fast yet as a beginner, there are a number of free cars that you can start out with. These cars may not be fast enough to compete with the millions of game pros using the platform. There are lots of daily tasks that you can complete as a beginner and earn gradually. Simply go to the day task menu located at the top of the screen. You earn small tokens for completing each task. Use these tokens to upgrade your car, so that it can stand a chance to race and win you more. Once your can has been upgraded enough, you can start racing to start earning more tokens.
  • Earning From The Sale Of Cars: This is the most common way to earn much on the platform. Cars on the website are rare and often tagged as straight supercars. You can buy crypto-cars and resale via Smart Contracts. The moment you purchase a Smart Contract, it gets listed on the marketplace with a doubled price tag.

What transpires is that you may have to give up the car if someone else pays for it at the current price. You get double of what you paid for the car in ETH by the new buyer. This way, you have earned 100% of what you initially invested to buy the car.


It is actually a reality earning from what you enjoy doing in cryptocurrencies. Racers will get the opportunity to either increase or decrease in rank, depending on how well they perform each day.

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