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MobileBridge launches Momentum, the first blockchain-based reward platform using crypto tokens instead of loyalty points

Eseandre Mordi



MobileBridge is a world leader in creating customer engagement. Thereby, helping companies boost sales. The engagement data helps companies understand customer trends and select a marketing strategy accordingly. One of the best ways to keep the customers engaged with a particular company is to offer them rewards for their purchases on the platform.

However, the current reward options can be used at a particular place only and they also come with an expiry date attached to them. Hence a lot of these reward points that you earn go wasted. Now, MobileBridge came up with a project called Momentum to solve this problem.

Momentum is the one stop for all your rewards and loyalty points. Users can accumulate these points in one place and use it at any of the partnered companies. The biggest advantage of using Momentum services is that you can access all your rewards in just one place. In an interview with the CEO Kees de Vos, he explained MobileBridge Momentum as “both a platform and a crypto-currency that will revolutionize the marketing and loyalty landscape”.

Momentum project works by providing each and every one of its partners an opportunity to convert their reward points into their company-specific token. Now, when a customer receives any reward, he receives it in the form of company-specific token. All these tokens will be accessible on a single platform. Therefore, the user can easily access them.

These tokens don’t come with an expiry date thus eliminating the need to spend them in a hurry. In the traditional reward system, a user has to wait until he accumulates a certain amount of points before he can cash out. This is because each and every company running a rewards program has its own business model which is not compatible with that of another company.

However, on the Momentum platform, users can exchange the tokens of one company for that of another company. Gone are the days when a user had to accumulate the reward points of each and every company before being able to cash out. Therefore, all the reward tokens are utilized completely and not wasted.

For the companies that host their reward tokens on the Momentum platform, it becomes easier to maintain and run the reward program at only the fraction of the price that they currently spend on the same. With a lifetime validity on the tokens, they can expect a traveling customer to return when he is back in town.

Since the whole system runs on the blockchain, it is accessible worldwide and the best part is that users need not have to worry about finding a specific reward partner to redeem the coins. Thanks to the ability to exchange one token for another, which allows the user to exchange any token of his choice for the token specific to a particular company.


The loyalty reward industry is currently valued at over $500 million out of which around $100 million is being wasted as the loyalty points expire. With Momentum, users can convert any token to any other token of their choice. Thus, minimizing the current loss. Momentum allows the people to decide where and how to spend their loyalty rewards. Thus, setting a whole new standard for the loyalty reward industry.

For more information, visit the momentum website:

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