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New Cryptocurrency from Shivom, More than $25m raised in private sale! Trusted by Notable Funds.

Eseandre Mordi



Shivom is a decentralized project that aims to merge Blockchain technology with genetics and precision medicine. Advances in healthcare, genetics, and technology have come to a point that they can potentially change the course of human lives when combined together as one big powerhouse.

At the same time, costs of genomics and medical tests have drastically fallen in the last two decades. This makes Shivom a unique marketplace where users can come together in one place to add and market custom apps for genomics and precision medicine.

Shivom’ Solutions

Shivom will be more than just another medical platform. By connecting different healthcare providers online with different users from all over the world, the platform has the potential to combine all health sector providers and patients globally.

The main idea behind the platform is that people can have their genome sequenced, at a cheaper price tag, and uploaded on the Blockchain. This will make a permanent record of their existence in the world as a human being.

Once the genome is sequenced, the user, the actual owner of the data, can sell his or her genome information to the research organization, medical institutes and other bodies that are striving for the development of genetic cures. The data is fully protected and only available to those parties the users wish to sell.

How Does It Work?

The Shivom project working is simple. A person first needs to sign up on the platform. After a successful signup, the user is sent a medical kit through regular mail. The kit is a saliva storing system. The user stores his or her saliva in it and returns it to Shivom.

The platform and its associated genome sequencing partners then sequence the data and upload it to the user, saved on the Blockchain. This also gives the user an opportunity to learn about his or her ancestry, history and personal health.

Data sold to research and other medical facilities will help them in combating genetically based diseases by having access to more information and the user will earn from it.

OmiX And Genomes

The platform will use its own token, the OmiX. This will be used to monetize services and selling of personal data.

The OMX is an ERC20 standard token and its presale is nearly at its end. The token has raised more than $25 million so far and is expected to go much beyond in its main sale.

Buy the Tokens on the website:

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