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ELSOL launches INFLEUM to decentralize advertising with brand publishing solution for startups

Eseandre Mordi



One of the leading publishing firms in the world ELSOL has announced the launch of their decentralized advertising ecosystem called “INFLEUM“. This ecosystem has been d designed to be secure, transparent, and able to connect advertisers, start-ups, content creators, consumers, and bloggers to digital marketers and huge profits.

This transparent trading platform launched by the ELSOL Company will help kickstart start-ups into huge profits.

Challenges Faced By Start-ups

According to reports and surveys, it has been revealed that only about 40% of companies or start-up projects are capable of making it out of the “death valley” period which is usually three to about five years after a company or start-up has been established. The main reason for the inability of the other 60% to make it through the death valley period is that of “poor marketing strategy”.

The presence of the internet and the development of social media platforms has made it possible for these start-ups to quickly introduce new ideas and immediately get the attention of investors all over the world. While these platforms help these start-ups, marketing strategies like that of paid ads, sponsored posts and contents, and paying influencers if accumulated can become very expensive for these start-ups and companies in their infant or early stage.

The INFLEUM Platform

After careful study has been carried out by the ELSOL Company, the INFLEUM platform was developed to provide solutions to all online marketing problems that start-ups have had to face. The INFLEUM platform is a decentralized blockchain based project that seeks to do away with all the inefficiencies and irregularities in the digital advertising industry. The platform provides an ecosystem for start-ups, developers, bloggers, content creators, and consumers that will help them connect their marketing projects or campaigns to the right people, who will, in turn, execute these campaigns.

Features Of The INFLEUM Platform

Some of the features of this industry-changing platform include;

  1. INFLEUM ecosystem; this feature of this blockchain based platform will allow all users to gain access to services like social networking content publishing, direct commercial functions, and advertising spaces.
  2. Wallet service; this feature will allow users to conveniently manage INFLEUM tokens that will be used as units of payment on the platform. Asides that, this feature will allow users to manage smart contract agent machines that will help them participate, execute and verify campaigns and adverts in an effective manner.
  3. Decentralized Applications (DApps); the platform is made up of about eight (8) DApps. They are; Redink, Redito, Redinero, Retteb, Channeljoy, Redichek, Redtail, and Socu. These DApps will support all phases of the value chain.

Phoenix Choi the co-founder and CEO of INFLEUM while speaking to newsmen stated that this platform developed by the ELSOL Company will give start-ups enough time and resources to focus on the development of their businesses, thus, helping them become more efficient and capable of making it through the death valley period.


With the development of this platform, start-ups will be presented with an amazing solution to all industry problems they have had to deal with.


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